Moscow – the Third Rome

Documentary film, where a detailed study of the history of evangelical Christians in Russia in the bosom of the official church, since the beginning of X century presented. What were the first monasteries and how the monastic life impacted statehood in Russia? How Christian church was able to survive the Tatar-Mongol invasion? For what ideas in peacetime in Russia tens of thousands of people were killed? How the church became a lever in a secular state? Why the answers to these questions are concealed in our days?

The film about the history of evangelical Christianity in Russia in 12 – 16 centuries features the famous Slavic historians, the current Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Filaret, Journalist of the first national channel of Russia Maxim Shevchenko, Acting President of Ukraine in 2014 Alexander Turchinov, Professor UNISA Johannes Reimer, a writer, a political scientist from the United States Michael Morgulis and other public and politicians of the United States, Europe and the CIS.

Many historical scenes, interesting respondents, documented facts, raising concerns requiring global attention of the Christian world – all this is in a new documentary film of the “UGOL” studio – “Moscow – Third Rome”.

The second documentary historical film by “UGOL” studio is about history of Christianity during the XII and XVI century in Russia. The film is a series of ” The Slavic Nations’ Search for God.”