Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven

by Reuben Esh

Part 1

God says, “My people do not understand the importance of the Kingdom principles.” Revival is increased desire for the Kingdom of Heaven (the Kingdom of God).

Part 2

Part 3: Being Fully Converted Into the Kingdom of God

There is a difference between being saved and converted. Bible means by conversion to switch kingdoms. Dual citizenship does not work with God. There are blockages that prevent people to be fully converted: 1) carnality, 2) selfishness, 3) traditions of men.

Apostle Reuben Esh.

Preached at “Truth, Light and Life Mission”, Penn Laird, VA, Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2014.

Understanding God and His Kingdom

Дэниэл Роудс. Daniel RodesThere is controversy on who God is. The God we serve is not a passing god. Diana and Baal are gone because they are passing gods.

We came to a place that we shove a holy God aside in reference to our belief. Someone told me, “You refer to the Bible all the time, but my church people refer to denomination we were brought up with.”

You cannot separate this Book from what the Word is. Once you have been translated to His kingdom you now are a new thing.

When human fell, human became perverted. In Christ we have a picture of what human become when they are not perverted. We have pieces of a puzzle and we start putting it together.

When God becomes our Heavenly Father, there are relationships, and we can understand Him. I know what pleases my Father. Until we learn what pleases the Father we will only relate to God as someone upstairs.

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