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  2. I want to tell a story how the Lord influenced the life of our family.

    In 2003 we lived in Argentina. Suddenly our routine was broken by an unexpected phone call. I picked up the phone, a man started talking to me. He spoke about God in Russian language. I was very much surprised: all our Russian-speaking acquaintances around us were unbelievers. I asked the caller how he found our phone number. He said that he would answer my question when we see each other and suggested to meet him and his family and to pray together. We accepted the invitation.
    A big Russian Christian family of 30 plus people came to our place. They crossed all Latin America without passports and visas, bearing the Word of God. They just moved from city to city, from village to village, preaching the Good News, and the Lord Himself opened doors and borders for them. They had only expired Soviet IDs and a stack of papers about their work for the Lord from various churches and people in different places.

    The Lord laid on their hearts to minister to Russian emigrants in cities of Latin America. Coming to a city or village they would open a telephone book at a certain letter, would find a Russian last names and call the numbers. In our city they were told to look for telephone numbers of the Russians whose surnames began from the letter K (our last name begins with this letter). They told us that they had already traveled hundreds of kilometers, called very many Russians, but I was the only one who agreed to pray together with them.

    Our family was astounded with the spirit that united this large group. Really, there was Jesus among them, therefore their prayers possessed enormous power.
    Once they were on a high-mountainous frontier point between Bolivia and Chile expectation a permission to enter Chile. All of a sudden one of the local residents who was passing the border check point started having an attack and blood started pouring out of his mouth.
    The military physician of the border check point could not help him. Then the elder of the Russian Christian family asked permission to pray over the dying man. All the family, including little children, in a united impulse knelt around him and lifted a fervent prayer to the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. And suddenly, – o miracle! – the bleeding stopped. Having seen it, the Chilean border officer allowed them to enter the country on parole. «Just be sure to receive the official documents!», – he admonished them at last.

    For about three years this family spent among Indians in extremely hard-to-reach areas of the Bolivian-Peru deserted high mountains. Death rate in those areas is very high, but God has had been keeping these people: they have lost not one family member though at that time majority of their family was little children.
    Their example amazed us so much that we with fervent diligence started to study the Word. The same year 2003, while reading the Bible, we came to realization of our need to keep the Sabbath day holy as our Heavenly Father wants. Glory to God! To us was opened all the depth of the Divine mercy which is hidden in this precept. Sabbath became for us the most desired day of the week. It is a day of true rest and a feast for our souls.

    The matter is not the day of week by itself, but the attitude to God’s precept. We used to dedicate one day a week for Bible study and prayer even prior to that, but in our heads there were irrelevant thoughts spanning constantly, and frequently we would postpone or cancel our devotional because somebody invited us to visit or just because of a bad mood. After we realized that God wants us to keep the Sabbath holy, we made a firm decision to obey the sacred will of the Father.
    Now on the eve of the day of the Lord our souls start singing: “That’s it, it is the end of the week, and tomorrow is a holiday! No more cares, thank God!” And the Sabbath begins in joyful and elated mood. Our souls sing praises to God from our hearts with happiness: «Glory to You, eternal glory, our All-Merciful and Loving Father!»
    Immersing in the spiritual life became so deep that we just simply do not want to distract on vanity near the oven or around a dining table.
    Weekly 36-hour fasts entered our life just like that. As Sabbath rest begins at the sunset on Friday and lasts till the sunset on Saturday, we eat food for the last time on Friday at lunch time, and then we rest till Saturday evening or frequently even till Sunday morning without problems. Both resting from cares of life every Sabbath day, and weekly 36-hour abstaining from meals benefited the health of all our family. Truly, the One Who Promised is faithful. And He generously sends His blessings to those who with all their heart keep His commandments!

    Unfortunately, back then in 2003 we spiritually were not ready to leave everything and follow this Christian family. They gave us their address in Chile. More than a year after it dawned on me: the Lord had sent this big family on a trip of about 2000 kilometers just to reach me!!! When I understood it, all our family decided to go to Chile immediately. Upon arrival we found out that our friends were not there any more. Their neighbors informed us that they had left in an unknown direction about 2 months before.
    We deeply regretted that did not understand God’s appeal sooner and did not respond to it in due time.
    But the example of these people clearly showed us the way, which is pleasing to God: our Father created children for Himself because He needs a family. A family, not an organization. In a family the strong do not dominate the weak, but help them. Because Christ, being above all people, washed the feet of His disciples and then went on the cross because of them and all other God’s children.

    As far our churches are from this example of the Teacher, that far we are from Christ. How many Christians today have enough sincere warmth in their hearts to maintain worthy relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ? And if now it is hard for many to attain it, then what will it be with the church during the great tribulation? There is something to ponder about, and it is a high time to recollect the first word which was said by the Son of God, when He began His ministry: “REPENT! for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” (Matthew 3:2)

  3. God bless you for this site and the teaching that you have posted, you do not know the blessing these messages have been to me.

    The Sabbath is one of the great truths that the LORD has led me back to. I had been in charismatic circles for many years and thought we had ALL the truth and no one else did and one of the big deals was that every day is the same to the Lord but that did not set right with me. If you will notice in Exodus the LORD went to great lengths to explain the SABBATH in the fourth commandment. Thank you for posting these truths on this site.

    God bless,


  4. Автор, отлично. Только не скатитесь к Давыдову и не пихайте где только можно рекламу.

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