Journey To The Sabbath

Sunday keeping church keeps the Sabbath

Richard Noel

Truth, Light and Life Mission in Penn Laird, VAAt our church our brother Tim Conley, told us about Bible discussions he was having at work with his coworker Kevin Campbell. They were discussing the Sabbath. Tim later told of Kevin discussing keeping the Sabbath. Another member of our church, Frankie Cox, told of visiting a church nearby which had just started keeping the Sabbath. We later got directions to that church from Frankie. In January of 2005 we visited the congregation that had begun keeping the Sabbath.

As it turned out, the new congregation of Sabbath-keepers meets in Penn Laird. The church is a simple building in a country location.

The sign still had the old name “Light and Life Missionary Fellowship” (now it is Truth, Light & Life Mission). The very faded lettering below the name lists the time of services as on Sunday. We arrived on a sunny Sabbath morning. We went inside and took our seats. The hall was about one-third full. Several members greeted us and welcomed us to their services. Just as in an SDA church, they were friendly but most forgot to tell us their names.

The service began with a song service. They had an overhead projector showing the words of the songs on the front wall. The choice of songs was excellent in the words and style of music. We felt put into an excellent mood by the songs. The last song was designed to set a serious mood, and opened the way for the offering followed by the sermon.

The sermon was based on Revelation 14:13 “Their works follow them”. The presentation was a very practical discussion of the affect of our works on our future in this life and the future. The illustrations from both the Bible and real life were to the point and useful. We feel this congregation is truly serious about practical Godliness. The service ended with special prayer for individual requests. Each request was prayed for specifically before the next was presented. The Spirit of God was present and we were moved by the sense of real dependence upon God in the congregation.

Kevin Campbell and Daniel Rodes

After the service, we met the speaker. To our delight he is Tim’s friend Kevin. Kevin is the associate pastor of the congregation. I told him that we had heard about them changing to keep the Sabbath, and would be willing to help strengthen them in the Sabbath if it would be useful to them. Kevin had just met us, so he was cautious, but was willing to accept videotape from us to review.

Outside, another member visited at length with us. Raymond told us that the senior pastor is his father-in-law, Daniel Rodes. I asked him how the transition to Sabbath is going. He said that about one-third of the congregation rejected the Sabbath and have separated from them. Raymond expressed the challenge he is currently having in rearranging his work from Sunday keeping to Sabbath keeping. Our discussion revealed that there are many benefits and challenges facing him as he follows Jesus more fully. We exchanged phone and e-mail addresses. We will be contacting him soon to follow-up with Samuele Bacchiocchi’s DVD’s on the Sabbath.

Pastor Rodes was not present that Sabbath because he was holding evangelistic meetings in Honduras. Kevin told us what led to the decision to teach and keep the Sabbath. Pastor Rodes went on a trip to Israel. While in Jerusalem, he was impressed with the question from Jesus, “Would you be willing to die for Me?” He answered “Yes.” Then the question came, “Would you be willing to keep the Sabbath for Me?” He answered, “Yes”. After coming home he continued studying and teaching. Now his congregations are keeping the Sabbath.

Yes, there are true believers scattered all around and Jesus is drawing us together to worship the creator in Spirit and Truth.



Today there are more than 2900 congregations all over the world, which are affiiliated with “Truth, Light and Life Mission”.

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  1. Dear Daniel,

    I am very thankful for all your comments. This one in particular motivated me to expand our materials about the Sabbath by posting Ted Noel’s series on Sabbath.

    God bless you when you study and follow His Word.
    Sincerely in Christ,

  2. This is one of the great truths that the LORD has led me back to. I had been in charismatic circles for many years and thought we had ALL the truth and no one else did and one of the big deals was that every day is the same to the Lord but that did not set right with me. If you will notice in Exodus the LORD went to great lengths to explain the SABBATH in the fourth commandment. Thank you for posting these truths on this site. God bless

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