Применение научного метода в социологии

Научные метод требует 1) гипотезы 2) экспериментов для ее проверки 3) переоценка и изменение гипотезы 4) новые эксперименты и оценка. В эволюционной модели этот процесс длится бесконечно.

Если мы хотим изменить обстоятельства, для этого нам нужно произвести изменения внутри самих себя.

Начиная научное исследование сначала делают обзор литературы. Для такого исследования нам доступны документы, излагающие социальные эксперименты, длившиеся многие столетия.

Но социология в основном игнорировала эту обширную кладовую документов. Лонгитюдное исследование такого масштаба не должэно игнорироваться.

Нам нужно честно оценить это лонгитюдное исследование, проведенное в обществе на протяжении тысячелетий и изложенное с Библии. Оно представляет фундаментальный факт, который люди пытались игнорировать и против которого выступали, описывает, что произошло в результате и что случилось когда люди принимали во внимание этот факт.

Выступление Ричарда Ноэля на международной научной конференции по социологии на Украине в мае 2012 г. Продолжительность 16 минут. Перевод с английского.

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Applying The Scientific Method In Sociology

Richard Noel

The Scientific Method requires: 1) an hypothesis, 2) experimentation to test it; 3) reevaluation and adjustment of the hypothesis; 4) new experimentation and evaluation. This process goes on indefinitely in the evolutionary model.

Here is an example of a danger in discovering new things. Chemist Dan Shechtman in 1984 published his findings on “quasi-crystals”. The result, ostracism by many colleagues. In 2011 his discovery won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Lenin followed ideas of evolution to promote communism and socialism which failed to improve society. The main reason was because he had no way to solve the problem of selfishness.

We need a new look, a moral imperative that is greater than ourselves. Then we will be able to change ourselves. If our circumstances are to be changed, it will be the result our internal changes.

In order to take a new look we need to separate ourselves from our previous opinions.

Robert Clark of Cambridge University wrote on this issue in his book, Science and Christianity: a Partnership. He discussed the need for science and religions to be willing to suspend judgment. He told a story how a spy reported to the English that Napoleon had lost his mind. Why? Napoleon talked about getting sugar from beets. The spy was unable to suspend his judgment and came to a wrong conclusion.

How can we divorce our old ideas to recognize a new idea? This takes determination and time. We cannot act on our feelings.

When planning for research it is normal to do a literature search first. We have the documents available to do such a search reviewing the social experiments of many centuries.

But it was largely ignored by sociology. A longitudinal study of this magnitude should not be ignored. Historians have shown us that to ignore the past is to repeat its mistakes.

We need to honestly evaluate this longitudinal study done in societies for thousands of years found in the Bible. It presents a fundamental fact and how man tried to go against that fact, their results and what happened when man cooperated with that fact.

That fact is found in the first words of the Bible, “In the beginning God…”

The theories of science apply in a proximal (limited) way. They only begin to work universally when we accept that first fact, “In the beginning God”.

Science is a useful method for locating proximal (immediate) causes. It can look at mechanisms and analyze how they work. It is not capable of proving ultimate causes. Ultimate causes constitute the real facts and are beyond us.

I found personally that God is real. He cares about me and guides me. He cares about you. He has the best solution to all problems. He has transformed me and can transform you if you are up to the experiment.

Even today, God is active on this planet. You ask, “how do you know?” I am a veteran health care professional. I ask my colleagues two questions: 1) Name one disease that was cured by modern medicine, 2) Name one patient who was healed by modern medicine. No one could answer me.

Modern medicine can help a patient in the healing process. But doctors admit that medicine is not successful in healing. It has not even been good at finding proximal causes for diseases. The best it can do is make a list of things which may lead to a certain disease.

One of the Gospels wrote a physician, Luke. He records many healings by Jesus.

Luke traveled with the Apostle Paul and wrote not one word about himself healing anyone. Yet Luke wrote extensively about healing many people by God’s supernatural power through Paul.

Personally, I have been healed by God of a 9 mm kidney stone, near-sightedness, and instantaneously healed of a difficult bone fracture. God also uses me in the healing of others.

He heals all diseases.

Ps. 103:2,3 Bless the LORD… 3 Who pardons all your iniquities; Who heals all your diseases;

In Deuteronomy 28 God outlines the blessings and curses we face based on our choices.

Our problem is we don’t believe or listen to Him. We go on as if He doesn’t exist. I challenge you to suspend your judgment until you take the time and honesty meet God before you declare that atheism is a viable religion. Ask yourself, “does atheism improve my life and health?”

In archeology, it was the standard opinion that the writings of Homer were not historical. Then someone believed what Homer wrote, followed the clues in his writings, and Voila !! They found Troy.

When we experiment in science we propose an hypothesis to explain something and then test it. The only way we can know God is to open ourselves to the possibility that He exists and rewards those who diligently seek him.

Hebrews 11:6 Now without faith it is impossible to please him, for the one who approaches God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

If we begin skeptically, we will fail to conduct a proper experiment. We must be truly scientific. We cannot allow bias to destroy the validity of our experiment.
When I learned how to listen and submit to my Creator my life began to change in a wonderful way. I have peace of mind, joy in the Holy Spirit, love for others, and power to live victoriously.

This last winter, I was part of a team teaching the Bible in Ukraine. We did no advertising. New people kept coming. They saw healings and experienced God’s miracles. This is what the Bible said will happen if we cooperate with God.

Mark 16:17,18 “And these signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons,;… they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Now we help other groups learn to cooperate with God. Does everyone get healed? No. Do I know all the answers? No. I am still learning to follow the Bible.

The only way you can understand and properly evaluate the Bible is to study it and follow God.

Then you will have an entirely new experience in your scientific work.

Albert Einstein said he was only trying to understand how God works.

This life of victory over sin, guilt and disease is available to you as well.